Many countries are celebrate International Friendship day on July, 30. First Friendship day was celebrated on year 1958.

In many countries observed that the International Friendship Day celebration on different dates.

In India, Friendship day celebration starts form first week of August. In this year India will be celebrating the Friendship day on August, 7.

In this occasion all people send messages & best wishes through phone to friends.

The United Nations General Assembly started the International Friendship Day on July, 30 in 2011. But original Friendship day was started on year 1958.

International Friendship Day brings many positive changes in human life. Creates a sense of peace and love in people.

All kinds of people celebrate friendship day with joy. Never ever lose any friends because of any reason, make a strong bond with them and spread the love.

Many friends are needed to make our life happy. So make a more friends and live a happy life with them. Wishing you a Happy Friendship Day....