PayPal is a multinational financial technology company handling an online payments system in many countries for online money transfers.

Today on August 03, the shares of PayPal witnessed a stormy boom. The shares of PayPal took a high jump when the market is open.

The information-sharing agreement with Elliott Management, after that PayPal's shares jumped to 9.6%.

PayPal's shares surged after Elliott Management said it had a $2 billion holding in the financial services company.

PayPal is doing well in the online payment business. Elliott Management expects PayPal's growth to grow significantly in the near term.

According to Refinitiv, PayPal's second quarter results showed an increase in revenue and a loss of $341 million.

CEO Dan Shulman said on the conference call that PayPal has announced a $15 billion share buyback program.

PayPal shares have fallen nearly 65% ​​in a year. There is a possibility that the share graph will increase in the coming time.

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